Alessandra Marie Stutz

December, 2000 (2)
Christmas Celebrations

what a great hat!
A hug for the man in red
Guess who came to visit us at school?!! Santa stopped by - what an exciting time! At first I was a bit shy, peeking from behind a curtain. But then I got my gumption up for a hug and a little gift.
Ho Ho Hum

Lookit that Lip!
Then, it was time for the Christmas concert. Alea was a little unsure of things at first, and let her lower lip kind of set the pace.
But once the clapping and singing started, the nerves stopped shaking and the smile started coming out... Of course, both Daddy and Mommy were kept rather busy during the performance. Mom was shepherding all the preschool kids who were waiting their turn around, and Dad was (literally) sitting on Breck to keep him from crawling away while he took pictures.
The class sang "I'm a Miracle" and somthing else. By the end of the program, Alea was rocking and rolling with her classmates, and they all ended up having a great time.

now that is a pretty smile...
and the smile came out!!

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