Honduras Independence Day Parade

September 15th is Independence Day in Honduras, and the entire Preschool turned out in fine fashion for a parade. Kids were decked out in all sorts of outfits, and flags from all over the Americas waved proudly. Children were decked out in traditional costumes and quite a number of 'do it themselves' paper hats. The stated purpose of the parade was to play drums and chant patriotic rhymes (praising the flag, countries, leaders, etc.), but the kids seemed to regard the whole deal as just an excuse to run around in the hot sun!!

Alea was certainly excited by the prospect, and after a few minutes of hesitancy, joined in some full fledged drum banging and foot stomping. As the high school drum and cymbal corps came marching in, all the younger kids gave out a roar of delight. After all, thumping drums and crashing cymbals are just the thing to get a whole parking lot full of 4 year olds going!!

But boy, was it hot. Poor Alea almost passed out, until another mom gave her a little water. 95 degrees in the middle of September, and it doesn't get much better. Oh boy.

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