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Dhinga Gavar Festival

We stayed inside the old walls of Jodhpur, a wiggle and shake from the Old Clock Tower and Sardar Market.  One night, we were stunned to see masses of people emerge from their homes and start singing and dancing in the streets.  We went out to join them, but the crush of people got to be a bit much for the kids after a long day touring, so we went back to the hotel and watched from our balcony.

Once a year there is the festival of Dhinga Gavar, where all the single women in Jodhpur get dressed up, go out with their friends, hide sticks behind their backs, and beat up on single men.

The single men, also all dressed up, are running through the streets, dancing and singing, knowing they have to keep a sharp eye out for good-looking girls with sticks hidden behind their backs. 

If a girl is able to beat a man with her stick, it means she will get married within the year!

Ah, India.

Rajasthan trip 2010:

Jodhpur - Jodhpur Fort - Jaswant Thada - Evening performance - Bishnoi - Nagpur - Karni Mata - Jain temples - Bikaner - Camel ride - Festival

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