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Nagaur is another Rajasthani Fort that has been set up in trust for the enjoyment of tourists. 
The jails (carved lattice windows) and restored wall paintings were especially lovely. We saw something unusual at this stop:  a busload of western tourists! 
Nagaur is noted for its exceptional conservation of water; every drop was recycled and reused in some capacity.  The kids were especially intrigued by the marble waterfalls used as ‘air conditioners’ in the Maharaja’s palace.  Given the scarcity of water in Rajasthan, there are many important applications to be preserved and adapted for today! 

Rajasthan trip 2010:

Jodhpur - Jodhpur Fort - Jaswant Thada - Evening performance - Bishnoi - Nagpur - Karni Mata - Jain temples - Bikaner - Camel ride - Festival

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