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Camel Ride

What would a trip to Rajasthan be without a camel ride?! We organized an afternoon outing from Bikaner rather than a full-blown trek, just to see how we did on the backs of these "ships of the desert"

Things we never knew about Rajasthani camels:

There are three varieties of Rajasthani camels and they all have double sets of eyelashes to keep the sand out of their eyes.

Rajasthani camels can drink up to 70 liters of water at one go (think 70 bottles of Coke!)

Rajasthani camels can go for a month without food or water in the winter and for a week in the summer.

Camelís milk is slightly salty and is an important source of nourishment for Rajasthanís people.

Camel carts are equipped with old airplane tires; a perfect match for that additional height!

They are fun to ride and provide a great dayís adventure out!

Camels are the favorite mode of escape for star-crossed lovers in Rajasthani miniature painting.

Rajasthanis love their camels and show their affection by always adorning them with tassels and jewelry.

Heading out into the sunset, following the wrapped turban of our guide
When it was time for a rest, we all dismounted and took a picture

and then Breck played in the sand!

Rajasthan trip 2010:

Jodhpur - Jodhpur Fort - Jaswant Thada - Evening performance - Bishnoi - Nagpur - Karni Mata - Jain temples - Bikaner - Camel ride - Festival

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