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Ruins, Ruins everywhere

At the ancient site of Kourium, we were able to wander around the huge remnants of ruins from many different eras. We saw mosaic floors and enormous bathhouses from the Roman eras, and the ampitheater has been restored and is still used in the summer for plays and concerts. The wind was a bit annoying as it whipped through our hair, but being able to wander around amid the sights more than made up for our discomfort.


One of our favorite stops was at the legendary 'birthplace' of Aphrodite - where she emerged from the, ahem, frothy sea foam. The neatest thing about this stop was the sound of the water washing back over the large pebbles of the beach - not your typical 'tide going out' melody.


The Sanctuary of Apollo is a beautiful site on the road from Lemosses to Paphos. The temple has been partially restored, to give an idea of the scale of the buildings.

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