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In the beginning...


We went to Cyprus during our "Winter Break" (in February - go figure) from school in Belgrade. Little did we know that we'd get in-country just in time for Carnival! It is a great big party holiday on the Sunday before Lent, and the kids had a great time at the parade in Limossal. (Breck's favorite marchers were the ones with the Big Bums)

And of course, our monkeykids found trees to climb everywhere!!

We spent our first day bopping around Larnaca, sightseeing and visiting the local market there (where we found fresh strawberries -yum!). Just outside the city is a mosque where the aunt of prophet Muhammed (PBUH) is buried - it served to help remind us of the crossroads this tiny island has been throughout its history.

As we headed west across the island, we stopped by the small church that houses the remains of Lazarus (of being raised from the dead fame). This time he's stayed put...


The village of Lefkara is famous for its lace, so we stopped in on our way out west. Everything was too expensive for our tastes, but Susan had a fun stroll through the winding roads while Dave waited by the church with the kids asleep in the car.

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