Dave's Page
Childhood and high school
College - Undergrad and Masters
Married with children

well, I got married...
Then came the kids, Alea and Breck
So this is me now, playing with Alea and Breck. I'm a 2-time daddy and loving every minute of it. We started off as the typical white-picket-fence family. While I was teaching at Indian Trail Academy in Kenosha, Wisconsin and John Marshall High School in Rochester, MN, Susan had her hands full with those two.

We took a break between those two schools, and taught in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. For an idea of life was like there, be sure to check out our Honduras page. After JM, we headed off to four wonderful years in Serbia, and are currently preparing to move to Bombay (Mumbai), India.

As far as what's after that - who knows? We're making this up as we go along!!