Dave's Page
Childhood and high school
College - Undergrad and Masters
Married with children


  • Had a great time.
  • Graduated with a BA.
  • Saw some Cubs games.
  • Didn't scan many pictures from school, though

here are some of my fraternity buddies at a Kappa formal
Brian, Eric H, me, Todd C, Tony S, Chris E, John Y, Greg Y, Greg M 

Dave and his buddy Samer Mouasher went fishing in the Red Sea from the Jordanian port of Aqaba. That's where he went during the summer and winter breaks during the first 3 years of his undergrad years.

MAC program at the U of M
Michigan = National Champs!
Graduation Day
Some of the wild people in my grad program at the U of M.
Charles, Marla, Drew, Molly, Brigitt, Darien, Josh (hidden), Paulette, Jason, Tonya, Dave, Kristina, Steve, Jean, Don, Leila
Suz and Dave
Me with my babe of a wife...
The Family at graduation
and my babe of a baby. The most important people in my life, the ones who helped me get through this year