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Childhood and high school
College - Undergrad and Masters
Married with children

The King and I
Hanging out in shalwar kameezAt the Suwon Folk VillageI finished my undergraduate degree in 1991, by which time my mother was in Tegucigalpa, Honduras (where I took a bunch of friends for spring break!). I worked for a year in a pizza resturant and law firm in Chicago (yes, they were separate entities) and then got a call from the American school in Tegucigalpa. They needed a US History teacher for a year and wondered if I wanted the job. I figured "Why not?" and decided to go down. 

Little was I to know how much my life would change, but a fateful meeting in the duty-free shop in El Salvador shaped the whole course of my future. There I met Susan, my wife-to-be, and that was the start of a beautiful thing. We ended up teaching together in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. After a year of visiting all the Mayan ruins we could in Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico, we spent a year 'dating' in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 
Whoo hoo! Getting engaged in LahoreWe quickly tired of that and headed out to teach in Lahore, Pakistan. We loved the subcontinent, visited India several times, and even got to go to Kenya on safari! The savannah on New Year's Eve is quite an experience! 

We finished up our stint and decide to try our luck in the far east: Korea. We worked for a year in Taejon, teaching English conversation in an after-school program. We loved exploring all over the country before deciding to return to the United States, get married, complete teacher license certification, have babies, and prepare for a career teaching around the world.