Our Wedding

The official invitationOur formal portrait

What am I getting into here??
When we finally got face-to-face with Father Will, 
Dave wasn't quite sure what to make of all this!!

Getting ready for the ceremony
But the smiles started coming as we all got ready
for the big ceremony

The Stutz Family
The Stutz family was there in force with Brian, Karla, and Tyrel Toomer, Stella Stutz, Rob Stutz, and Shari Stutz
The Wagner Family
The Wagners all showed up as well, with Kevin, Carla, and Nathan Regan, Billy Wagner, Barb and Bill Wagner, Jennifer Posma, and Mark Wagner 
The maid of honor and the best man
Rob gets the ring from Tyrel
 Rob and Carla, as best man and maid of honor, got things started on the right foot
And Tyrel chipped in as well,
dropping off the ring and slapping
Rob five!!
Reciting the vows...
Everybody started tearing up as we recited our vows
(even though Dave forgot a line)

The formal blessing
And Father Will laid a final blessing on to 
make it all official...

Here are Mr. and Mrs. Stutz!!
Mr. and Mrs. Stutz (or just plain old
"Dave and Susan") were all ready to
face the world as an official couple!!
Throwing the politically correct birdseed
Susan at the reception dinner
 Of course, we first had to brave
the gauntlet of birdseed!
 But we were aptly rewarded with
a fantastic reception dinner
Suz breaking the traditional plate
Then it was off for champage, cake, and some good old-fashioned plate breaking!!
According to Greek tradition, the bride has to break the plate on her first try for
the marriage to have good luck. Amid many a cry of "Opa!!" Susan smashed
that sucker to smithereens!

An old Greek wedding tradition (kind of like the chicken dance)
And the messy aftermath!
 Everyone got into the action
And the rest is history... 

Ready for the next chapter? Well, that'd be right here