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Hidden beach Easter morning was spent exploring West Point (not the military academy!). A short hike around the end of West Bay beach brought us to a deserted set of coves with some beautiful tidal pools.
West Point The waves crashed into jagged outcrops of volcanic rock, left over from when the fiery lava ran smack into the (relatively) cold water. They are still so sharp that they are impossible to climb on without shoes - sandals just don't cut it!
Crash! Alea and Dave did manage to climb into the middle of a formation and came across anemones, brilliant green lizards, snakefish jumping out of the water, and lots of crabs!!
Searching for shells
The kids had a blast exploring the relatively protected inlets and chasing after the schools of tiny tropical fish. They also 'discovered' (and brought home with them) an old conch shell, lots of coral rock, and some empty crab legs and lobster shells!
Ant highway
Dave went back later in the day and came across this enormous ant highway. Unlike many others that we've seen, they weren't carrying anything like leaves or bugs. They just seemed to be 'going.'
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