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One morning, Mark and Dave made plans to go out fishing. As they cruised around the island in a little open boat, all the talk was about the monster fish that lurked in the waters. By morning's end, however, each had caught only a 4-5 pound bluefin tuna - enough for a great lunch, but not true trophy material!!
The mighty fishermen return
Sure the guys do all the tough work, but don't forget that the girls have to wade into the water to take the pictures!
Hey - my hands stink now!
After making it back into shore, there was a lot of interest in 'helping out' with the fish!
Arrgh! Yo ho ho and a bottle of orange juice!
When we headed over to Cindy's Restaurant for lunch (Cindy is the sister of Eddie Miller, the guy who took us out fishing), Alea put on her pirate's doorag and caught some rays in the hammock
Purple sunset
Orange sunset
Pink sunsetWe strolled along the beach as the sun went down, and were treated to a dazzling show of orange, purple, and pink. We'd never seen such beautiful sunsets in Honduras, but Roatan sure took our breaths away

Mark and Jennifer in front of one of those sunsets

Mark and Jennifer sure enjoyed the sunsets. We like to take credit, because the week after they returned, they got engaged!

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