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Looking out from atop a turret, long views down the Danube and north toward New Belgrade provide a perfect watchtower. 

Going back for a visit one spring afternoon, we explored some of the outside walls and turrets studding the fortress. 

It is something else to think of the attack this place was designed to repel, and sobering indeed to consider the loss of life that would have been taken place should such an attack take place.

In fact, graves of soldiers from different eras are placed around the inside of the walls, where reminders of battles in the past are everywhere
18th century cannons facing outwards provide a perfect place for lovers to meet and kids to play.
Tanks and artillery pieces from both world wars ring the inner walls as a testament to war, and statues with poetry reflect for the next generation on the cost of that decision

Kalemegdan: General views - Strolling around - Fortifications - Churches - Dancing - Gates - Nightfall - via Boat

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