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Dusk is drawing near. As people clamber on the walls for views out over the rivers, twilight begins to fall in Kalemegdan.

As the evening sun goes down, the hustle and bustle seeps away as well. The cafes still do a lively business and people are still exploring and having fun, but the pace of life dials back a notch or two. Many gather at the Victor statue to relax, drink a beer, and text each other on their phones.

This landmark is well regarded as a totem of the city - a naked man (turned discreetly towards the river) holding a sword in one hand and a bird in the other.

The sun dips behind Darth Vader's house, as Breck and Alea call it, in New Belgrade on the far side of the Sava River.

And a brilliant sunset lights up the sky over the city

As the lights of the fortress come up, couples make their way to the terrace to enjoy a few minutes of quiet. And over all, the sentinel of the city watches and waits...

Kalemegdan: General views - Strolling around - Fortifications - Churches - Dancing - Gates - Nightfall - via Boat

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