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Kalemegdan is an ancient fortress situated at the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers. It has a commanding view of the waterways and overlooks Belgrade and New Belgrade (off in the distance on the left)

Seen from the rivers below, Kalemegdan is a lit up spectacle in the evenings. It used to guard this most strategic of waterways as the southernmost point of the Austrian Empire. The Victor was originally designed to represent the breaking of five ceturies of Turkish slavery and it is often used as a symbol of Belgrade. (see other pictures of Kalemegdan from the rivers on our "Belgrade Boat Cruises" page)


It is one of our favorite weekend get aways. Home to some of the oldest ruins in Belgrade, we appreciate it as a place to run around. Alea and Breck get a kick out of climbing the trees and discovering the knights, but to them, Kalemegdan always means just one thing:



There is quite a collection of WWI and WW2 era artillery pices, tanks, torpedoes, personnel carriers, and trucks set up around the outside walls of the fortress, and their favorite activity is to climb all over them!

Kalemegdan: General views - Strolling around - Fortifications - Churches - Dancing - Gates - Nightfall - via Boat

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