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Dancing in the afternoon

One afternoon I decided to go to Kalemegdan, just to see what was going on. I climbed the steps to the top, never imagining what I would find there.
It was a beautiful fall evening, and there were tons of people milling about, just enjoying the weather. Some were strolling, some were reading, and many were just hanging out with their friends, looking over the rivers. 
Kalemegdan is a lovers' paradise, and there were plenty of couples out and about - some for the first time and some for the thousandth...

As I walked towards downtown, however, I noticed something was going on. There was a whole group of people milling around, so I decided to go see what was happening.

When I got up there, I saw a huge group of older Belgradians dancing!! There was a man in the middle playing an accordion, and the old folks were just having a great time spinning around.  It was something else to see them all singing, clapping, and just having a riot, with other people just walking by like it was no big deal. As it didn't look like any special holiday,  I just have to guess that it is a fairly common occurrence.
There were lots of people - all older, none of the young crowd - sitting around the outskirts watching the spectacle. Some of them were fairly normal looking, some of them, well, weren't.
 It seemed pretty obvious that they knew all the songs and were having a great time singing along.

And of course, when they got tired of dancing, people would move in and out of the circle to take a smoke break!


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