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I love the sights around Kalemegdan. It is the center of events in Belgrade, from Beerfest to medieval style parades. But even on a 'normal' visit, there are so many beautiful things to look at. Starting from the south end, nearest the downtown, the spire of the King Peter Cathedral, home of the Serbian Orthodox Patriarch, hangs in the skies.

As you walk through the grounds, the ivy covered walls and ancient ruins that dot the location serve as a reminder of just how long this city has been here, and how often it has been fought over. The bustling barges in the Sava River demonstrate too how central a route to Europe these waterways are.

Making your way along the paths, a visitor passes many gates. Named after various leaders (interestingly called despots), they provide access to the interior of the fortress. 

Today, this is all a park, but it has served as military encampment and execution site in the past. The huge stone walls testify to the massive buildups that have taken place here over the years.

The most famous gates are those that lead to The Victor statue. Originally designed to represent the Serbs' overthrow of five centuries of Turkish slavery, it was actually erected to commemorate their breakthrough of the Thessaloniki front in WWI. It remains to this day one of the most prominent symbols of Belgrade, and is a natural meeting point as evening approaches.

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