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Istanbul is often called a "shopper's paradise," and in many ways it is a well-deserved moniker.
Visitors can find almost anything they might possibly want - some of the more popular handicrafts include:
arts and crafts
clothes (both practical and not)
sweets, nuts, and spices
and of course carpets (which have a page to themselves)

The Grand (or Covered) Bazaar and the Egyptian (or Spice) Market are the most famous locales to browse, be hassled by merchants, haggle, and perhaps make a purchase or two...
There are a number of entrances
where Istanbul's smart set meet and shop
and perhaps enjoy a glass of tea.
You can get a haircut
grab a bite to eat
and get your shoes shined.
Afterwards you can buy decorative items
perfume bottles
or even that pair of shoes you've been wanting

The hardworking vendors are everywhere, some of them annoyingly hassling, others just trying to make a living
pushing a vegetable cart
waiting for the first customers
lunchtime at the hooka shop

Some of our favorites:
The kids were entranced by the light shop
Alea loved the porcelain animals
Decorative tilework was everywhere
Breck made sure the spices were up to snuff
and the local bakery kept the family well-fed

all in all, we felt pretty special to be shopping in Istanbul

Susan even went off to get some secret Christmas presents, but we never found out what they were...

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