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Rugs, carpets, etc

Obviously, some of the biggest draws of shopping in Turkey are the rugs and carpets.

Everywhere we looked - in the bazaars, on the streets, in government-designated handicrafts centers - there were rugs for sale. 
Many of the rugs are displayed in shop openings and owners will 'invite' customers in to explain the weaving process and show off their wares. The biggest draws for the kids, of course, were those shops (and there were many of them) guarded by legions of Istanbul's famous attack cats...

The designs were very different from the styles we had seen and purchased in Pakistan - much more geometric and less floral in many cases. Interestingly, one non-geometric motif that appeared quite often was a rooster.

We spent some time in one shop and had some of the 'hidden messages' in the nomadic type rugs explained to us. In the end, we decided not to purchase anything, at least on this trip! There is always next time...

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