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Selimiye Mosque

Sinan, the most famous Ottoman architect, built the stunning Selimiye Mosque in Edirne.
It dominates every approach, sitting on a hill in the center of town, and the streets radiate out from it. Even with the addition of a gigantic metal tulip fountain (right), the mosque holds its own as the centerpiece of the city.

The open interior is huge, with a covered fountain centered on the floor and a soaring ceiling covered with intricate calligraphic details above.
Hanging lights (electical, not candles) add to the mood of introspection with fantastic subgallerys of the Islamic art - no figures, but geometric and written motifs.

Perhaps one of our favorite corners was covered with beautiful tilework and held prayer rugs, prayer beads, a copy of the Qur'an, and a light by which to read it. As we headed into the courtyars, the light (and temperature!!) was rapidly dropping, so we got to see the brilliance of the mosque as the lights came on.
Highlighted by the snow and icicles, the mosque reminded us, as Christmas came to a close, that regardless of religion or belief, the world is certainly full of beauty - you just have to seek it out and enjoy it when you find it.
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