The mayor of Kenosha was recently quoted in the local newspaper:

"The Vietnam War has left lasting impressions on the history of this country and it is vital for the generations that represent our future to learn the lessons of the Vietnam War. We cannot allow this war, indeed all wars, to be a forgotten page in a forgotten history book. We need to learn from our past in order to secure our future."

He then announced a plan to hire a local artist to paint a large mural on the side of the Northside public library. He would like it to commemorate the Vietnam War.

But the plan for a mural is causing a lot of controversy. Some citizens are very excited about the plan. Some don't want it to be about Vietnam at all. Everyone has different opinions about what the mural should look like.

 In a few days the mayor is going to have a town meeting to make a final decision about the mural. The mayor has three questions that need to be answered:

1. Should a Vietnam memorial mural be painted?
2. If yes, what should it look like?
3. If no, what should the mural depict?

The Task

You are to be the citizens involved in the process. Each group of four will represent the different viewpoints of the citizens. Each person within a group will take a position on the mural and research his/her "role" in order to defend his/her belief.

Your task is to read your position on the mural and conduct Internet research to learn more about your position in order to better defend it. You will also have a set of questions to guide you as you conduct your research.

After doing your research, you will meet with others who have your same role and create a Power Point presentation for the mayor. This presentation should highlight some of the reasons why you support or do not support the mural.

After the presentations, the mayor will discuss and debate the issue with you - the citizens of Kenosha.

 Finally, the town will create murals to be prominently displayed in the area.

The Process

  1. Divide up the four roles among your group members.
  2. Each member goes to his/her page listed below. There, each person will find:

    • their position on the proposed mural
    • background information on why the person holds that position
    • a set of questions to help you guide your research
    • links to the Internet to help you research your role

  4. Read your position on the mural.
  5. Conduct your Internet research.
  6. Answer your questions.
  7. Meet with others who have your role and create the presentation to the mayor.
  8. Debate and defend your position at the town meeting.
  9. Assume the role of artist and create your proposed mural.

The Roles

Vietnamese Immigrant
Vietnam Veteran
War Protester


Try to put yourself into the role. Attempt to understand why this person has these beliefs. Carefully read your viewpoint on the mural and the questions for your role. As you conduct your Internet research, look for ways to defend your viewpoint. Be prepared to effectively defend your beliefs with facts and convincing arguments.


You will be evaluated on the basis of five separate assignments:
  1. Internet research: how well you use your time and answer all your questions
  2. Group development and presentation of the Power Point
  3. Participation in the town debate (You will also be expected to debate and not argue. Rules of courtesy should be followed)
  4. Design, coloring, and appropriateness of your mural


What is the fate of the mural? Will it be painted? What will it depict?
Can the differing viewpoints come to an agreement?


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