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Your Viewpoint

You are IN FAVOR of the mural. However, you believe that the mural should not only be about the war. You would rather the mural depict how Vietnamese and Americans are living together in peace.

You want the citizens to understand that Vietnam is a country, not a war. You want them to learn about the country of Vietnam, its location, its place in history, its culture, and its people. You believe there are many facets of Vietnam that most citizens know nothing about.

You hope the mural will include a celebration of your country and not just be about American soldiers.

Questions to address

  1. Where is Vietnam?
  2. What other countries border Vietnam?
  3. What is the nearest body of water?
  4. What is the weather like?
  5. What are the major cities?
  6. What are the major religions and holidays?

Internet Resources

  • An Introduction to Vietnam

  • Information about the history, climate, culture, and geography of Vietnam.
  • What is Vietnam - Why, When, Where and How

  • This site provides a detailed summary of Vietnam's history. This site covers Vietnam's connections to both India and China along with a history of their interactions from 300 B.C. to the present. This location also provides a comprehensive guide to Ho Chi Minh's rise to prominence in Vietnam.
  • Vietnam Information

  • A wealth of links to more information about Vietnam.
  • Destination Vietnam

  • Information and background to Vietnam.
  • Asia Maps and Vietnam Maps

  • An interactive map of Asia and its countries.
  • Vietnam Links

  • Links collected by students relating to the Vietnam War: Very extensive, but also covers topics other than yours.
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