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Your Viewpoint

You are IN FAVOR of the mural. You were a soldier in the Vietnam War. You want to let the citizens of Kenosha know what it was like to be a soldier in this war. You believe that many citizens do not understand the experience of being directly involved in a war.

You hope the mural will honor the soldiers who fought with you and sometimes died next to you. You believe the mural should be a tribute to soldiers who gave their lives in the conflict.

Questions to address

  1. What was daily life like for the soldiers?
  2. How old were most of the soldiers?
  3. How did they feel about being in Vietnam?
  4. What difficulties did the soldiers face?
  5. What experiences did soldiers in combat face?

Internet Resources

  • Vietnam Memoirs

  • This site contains numerous stories from actual US soldiers who fought in Vietnam. Their stories give insight into the daily life of soldiers and the horrific sites they encountered. This site also contains numerous links to related issues.
  • Re: Vietnam -- Stories Since the War

  • This site is designed as a gathering place for personal stories and a forum for dialogues about Vietnam's legacy. This site, on the PBS server, was inspired by the P.O.V. broadcast on PBS about Maya Lin, the designer of the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial.
  • The Vietnam Experience

  • Excellent photographs augment this first person narrative from a U.S. Marine who served in the Vietnam War in 1969 and 1970.
  • Images of My War

  • Soldier Ron Heller details his two year experience in Vietnam chronologically in this extensive narrative.
  • Letters From Vietnam

  • This site contains many poignant letters written to and from Vietnam Veterans and their families and friends.
  • Statistics about the Vietnam War

  • Statistical information on common myths about the Vietnam War.
  • Vietnam Links

  • Links collected by students relating to the Vietnam War: Very extensive, but also covers topics other than yours.
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