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The Great Mexico Guatemala Honduras Trek, version 2.000.06

Starring Dave Stutz, Wayne Jensen, and Suzy the Isuzu

Day 6 (Sunday, July 23) 

Sunday Drivers.

Up early (after being up all night?), we hit the road to Veracruz. There had been a light rain, so all the dust was settled, and traffic was pretty light since it was Sunday. We actually made it through the city - thank goodness it was Sunday because weekday traffic and trying to make it through would've been impossible!! We decided to press onward and made it as far as Palenque.

We took a quick 11/2 hour tour of the ruins before they closed (at 5!!) since Sundays are free admission. They don't seem to have changed very much since my last visit, but man was the park rocking with people and sellers-of-goods!

We found a hotel downtown (but off the beaten path so it'll be quiet!!); the only problem is the only parking is on-street. It is right in front of the place's little restaurant, so hopefully there won't be a problem. We ate at the hotel and then trekked off downtown. What a rocking place!! Many Maya were in the town square, with lights and tables up, selling their hand-woven garments. Kids running everywhere, and all sorts of people just out having a good time. We never did figure out if all the hubbub was due to a festival starting tomorrow or if this was just a typical Sunday night. Lots of gringos walking around (I told Wayne to keep an eye out for the New Zealanders).

We actually found an internet cafe type place and zapped off a quick email home:
Hi Susan and Bev (this is going out to the both of you). It is Sunday night, the 23rd, and we are set for the evening in the town of Palenque. After our first couple of days and the car scares there, the truck has been running fine (so hopefully this doesn't jinx it).
We've stopped to see the ruins at El Tajin and Palenque, but will probably not hit too many others along the way. We plan on going through Ocasingo and San Cristobal de las Casas tomorrow and hopefully spend the night at Comitan, cross into Guatemala on Tuesday, and then into Honduras on Wednesday. We are flexible, however, so don't quite panic if we haven't called or emailed by then. Give us a couple of days!

Susan - money is going OK, but fast. I got charged $115 at the Mexican border (we should have mailed the computer) and don't know how much at Guatemala. I should be ok though, I´ll change more tomorrow. First night south of Tampico, last night south of Veracruz (small towns) I love you, give the kids big kisses and save one for yourself. See you on the 1st. Dave

Bev  We are drinking alot owater and soda a nd beer at night.  No problems with the food. The senery is interesting and very tropical. I miss you and the kids, give them and yourself my love.

After sampling a few more liquid refreshments, we went back to the hotel, where I got in a political discussion with an (inebriated?) man whose son apparently has been admitted to Oxford, but dad can't afford to pay, so he wants the state to help pick up the bill. Good luck.
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