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The Great Mexico Guatemala Honduras Trek, version 2.000.07

Starring Dave Stutz, Wayne Jensen, and Suzy the Isuzu

Day 7 (Monday, July 24)

Ruins, roads, and a dead dog.

We headed south on the up and winding road from Palenque after a failed attempat at cashing travelers checks this morning. We waited until a bank opened at 9 this morning, but even then there were so many people there that the lines were way too long to bear even trying to navigate. (We'll try again tomorrow).

So we wound up and around the mountains - surprisingly no police checks in the area. We made it through alright, although we did pass up a scene where people were trying to pull up a car that had tumbled off the side of a sheer cliff. There was an ambulance there and everything, but the principle means of rescue seemed to be the rope they were all tugging on. We kept going until around noon, when we took the turn off for Tonina. Wow, has that place gotten bigger! There are many more tunnels to climb around in as well as new excavations. The only disappointment for me was that there is a museum there, but not due to open until August 1!!
A bit of sad news as we drove into Comitan - we crunched our first large animal. A stray dog ran out in front of us as I drove. Oops.

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