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Vrsac Parade

But then, all eyes started staring toward the street, for the highlight of the day's activities. The great grape parade was about to begin!

Led by the Grand Marshal of the day (maybe the mayor, maybe just a guy) and the King of Smederevo (a town with which Vrsac has apparently a long historical association), the fun began.

I never figured out what this guy's job was, but it really doesn't look half bad. He led out the "Misses" from all the little towns in the region.

Who were followed by the grape girls

and then the bread, cheese, and giant harp (?) girls.

But wait, it gets better. The two 'fairest brides' in town followed them

as did showgirls, kids in trains, all sorts of assorted characters, and a hunchback doing his best to gross out the crowd

The end of the parade was a crazy assortment of figrures dressed up as crazy inhabitants of a nightmare world, all dancing and jumping to the frenzied sounds of drums and cymbals.

We figured that the best way to recover from all the sensory overload was to head to a local vinyard and have some more wine. 
It was the perfect way to top off an incredible day!

Vrsac trip: Train ride - the festival - food - a pretty town - the parade

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