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Smederevo is a town about 45 minutes south of Belgrade that is most famous (at least to us) as being the home factory for US Steel. It was used during the socialist years, fell into disrepair, and then was purchased and refurbished with US management coming in to run the plant. There are quite a number of kids at our school whose parents (usually dad) work there.

We, however, had no interest in the steel mill. We had heard that there was an old fortress (along the lines of Kalamegdan in Belgrade) located there, and we wanted to check it out.

We discovered that the long walls that front the Danube encase a grassy field, surrounded by the shell of the fortress. During the course of Serbia's often violent history, a train loaded with ammunition apparently blew up here, destroying any usefulness that might have remained as a military outpost.

Nowadays, picknickers picnic, horse riders horseride, and sheepherders shepherd all within the friendly confines (that do serve to keep some of the wicked wind from howling).

The kids had a great time trying to pet the sheep and got to climb on the playground equipment as well.
A mini recreated village sits at the base of the walls, although the actual purpose of the buildings was never revealed: there was no one around, just a gaggle of geese.
We went out to lunch afterwards at a neat little resturant in town - the walls were covered with old farming implements and the food was cooked in a wood-fired kiln type oven. After feasting, we piled in the car and headed home, refreshed after a day in the sun...

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