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Vrsac - a pretty town

For those with a more aesthetic bent, the town itself is also very pretty

Churches soar into the air, representing a mulitude of Christian sects. The Serbian Saborna Church (left) is dedicated to St.Nicholas and a Romainian Orthodox building is constructed with the traditional brickwork pattern.

The most prominent building is the Roman Catholic cathedral of St. Gerhard with its lavish collection of paintings, statues, and icons done by some of Serbia's most memorable artists of the 19th century.

The most important of the buildings, however, is the unassuming seat of the regional Patriarch. We were lucky enough to secure a tour through the hallways and libraries which contain masterpieces in paintings and tapestries, as well as important documents from the long history of the area.

We even ran into the Patriarch as we concluded our tour.

Vrsac trip: Train ride - the festival - food - a pretty town - the parade

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