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Vrsac train ride

One of the prettiest cities in northeast Serbia, Vrsac is famous for its wines. It is only fitting that one of the largest festivals in the region is the annual "Grape Picking Festival" held here during the third week of September. A group of teachers from the school made their way here and enjoyed all of the food, drink, and activity that was offered.
One of the first 'neat' things about the trip was that we made it on the "Romantika" train, a restored steam engine that runs to various destinations around the country. Early on a Saturday morning, we made our way down to Belgrade's main train station and readied ourselves for a fun trip.

Belgrade's train station

the oiled gears and wheels

waiting to depart

some of our fellow passengers

corn rows out the open door

the green fields of Vojvodina

As we pulled out of town, everyone was in high spirits. We passed through fileds of corn and people working in them, much as their ancestors must have done a hundred years ago. 

working the fields
The sound of the train track, the smoke billowing overhead, and the flashing by of the countryside soon began to put some members of the group into a true romantic mood 

(a mood that, unfortunately, wasn't always shared by the others!!)

Vrsac trip: Train ride - the festival - food - a pretty town - the parade

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