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Huge Buildinged Helsinki

Very little of our free time during my first visit was during the (short) days, so I have almost no pictures from around the city in the sunlight then (what little there was of it!). 

On the morning we went to the national museum, we passed by the main train station, the art-decoesque brick building below. Even when we did see the city, the tops of buildings were often shrouded in clouds as at the left.


 Besides, what better place can a soldier find to have a smoke?!

The train station is a monument to the Art Deco movement. From its graceful curves to the sturdy men in front, it stands as a testament to the solid utilitarianism one finds throughout the city. 

Of course,what major city would be complete without some statuary (more on the High Culture page). Unfortunately for us, the fountains were all shut down for the season, but I guess since we could then crawl inside the pool and take pictures from there, it wasn't all bad.
The military heroes were of course on display, but so were enormous lit buildings that reminded me of the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg more than anything else
When I came back in February, we had more of a chance to explore the city more and get a glimpse of its monuments and buildings in the daylight, such as the setting sun near the presidential palace and streets across from the Lutheran church.

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