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High Cultured Helsinki

One of the cool things about an academic trip is that there usually time for a cultural component, and the Speech trip was no exception. We took the middle schoolers to the national museum, and since I had been asked to take good care of our 1 middle schooler, I was tapped to go there. We had a chance to learn about Finnish painting - everything from techniques and materials to the symbolism marking the cooperation between the Lutheran and Orthodox churches. I especially liked the looks of these weathered hands and faces.

There was also a display of funky modern art that stood in stark contrast to the rooms of the masters. I didn't take a picture of it, but there was a pink dancing elephant that I started seeing on buses all over town as soon as we left the exhibit.

Statues dot the city, acting as natural meeting points for people out and about. From above, clockwise: in the main square by the Lutheran church, a woman with a wolf pelt at the war memorial, the hard working hammer men (one of the main symbols of the city), and the mermaid fountain by the port, where people go on May Day for a ceremonial dip. Too cold for that now, though!

We saw paintings of Finland's greatest artists and most famous myths, but my overall favorites were the full size women carved out of solid chunks of wood. There were several of them spread around the gallery, and they stood as mute witnesses to our visit.



OK, so not all culture was so "high." We ran into Superman one morning outside the hotel doing his balancing act on the low wire. Can you tell it was pretty cold? 

I have a picture with me and an angry face, but I like to smile much more!

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