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Heaven Reaching Helsinki

Unbeknownst to me, Finnland is a very Lutheran country (over 80% of the population). The enormous cathedral there, while not in the center of the city, certainly seemed like it was built to act as a public center, including a huge staircase and cobblestoned plaza.

I was very surprised to find nobody there, as it seemed the natural place for a group of people to hang out. Maybe the fact that it was 11 at night in the middle of November had something to do with it...

Returning in February, we were greeted by the deepest blue skies to offset the white of the church. 
As the sun started to dip low (notice that this is 3:30 or so in the afternoon!) the building started to glow in the rays.

Helsinki shares its church pews with a number of Finnish Orthodox Christians.  The main church, built on a hill at the edge of the downtown, stood out as quite the shining beacon of grandeur.



 Other churches dot the cityscape too, striking in their lit-up beauty

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