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Hell Raising Helsinki

By day, Helsinki can be an outdoor enthusiast's Eden. Public skating rinks are everywhere, including this one in front of the Art Museum. People of all ages have a great time zipping around on the ice, while some just get to dream from the sidelines (for now!).
Since we only had spare time in the evening on my first trip, Niki - another of the chaperones on the trip - and I decided to go out and see if we could find any good old fashioned Finnish fun among the reindeer. Of course we had to bundle up against the cold!

The we were reminded of how wimpy we were when we ran into these girls out enjoying the night. It might have been the bottles they were all desperately trying to keep out of the picture, but they seemed to be warm enough for the evening!

We ran into some other wacky Finns when we visited their statues. As we were taking pictures of us in the poses, a couple of people popped up into the picture and went "AAAAAA!!" (It was much funnier in real life than it appears here in the pictures and retelling)

We struck out looking for the red light district, although we did find some beautiful buildings lit up in red (and other colors). We also come across some naked men swinging heavy hammers in the cold night air. Brrr.

This fuzzy sea creature had appeared in Helsinki's parks the previous night, just one of the many creatures to be found around the town.
We found out that, contrary to folklore, even if you kiss a freezing metal statue of a seal, your tongue will not stick to his...

thank goodness!

Desperately seeking nourishment, we resorted to picking up glasses we'd find on the streets outside the bars (which for the most part were closed down for private parties by the time we got to them. Maybe they just didn't like the hats. Almost any other we stopped at was way too crowded to be enjoyed properly).

At least during the weekend there was the opportunity to sample that hautest of haute cuisine in Finland - reindeer steak. Hey look - what's that shiny round red thing on that reindeer? I'm eating Rudolph!!!!

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