November, 2000
Alea and I are big-time painters. We hang out on our back porch and paint the walls, the dolls, and each other. Dad just cleaned out the maid's room in the back yard and so we now have a new 'castle' to play in, too. The really neat thing is the fact that all of our paints and chalk are washable, so mom gives us pretty free rein on what we can color. Watch out, Picasso, here come the Stutz's!! 
Here you go, Alea...
What shade goes with that hair?

Watch out, Han Solo!
And did you know I already have my profession chosen? I'm going to be a spaceship pilot. In addition to my fascination with Darth Vader and my love of the lightsaber, I also enjoy flying the Millenium Falcon all over the house and yard.

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