Age 1, Page 6
June, 2000
All hail Darth Vader!!
I guess we know what Breck wants to grow up to be - either a Dark Lord of the Sith, the ruler of the galaxy, or just a guy with a great way of putting things
Breck the brick on Tanya the tank
So our friends Scott and Lisa come to visit, and where do we take them? Why, the Kenosha Military Museum, of course!! Whatever. (All the pictures on this page are from them, so we do want to make sure they get credit)
Pouting in the cockpit
Of course, maybe not everyone was really thrilled about the museum. While Breck got a kick out of piloting the helicopter, Alea was having a tougher time waking up from her nap
What a domestic scene!

Susan, Alea, and Breck hanging out in Breck's room

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