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We had a first class train on our way back to Jaipur, where we were to catch our flight to Mumbai. Mom and Dad kicked back and watched the flat countryside go by, counting, in turns, all the camels and women carrying loads on their backs and heads (respectively) and all the men playing cricket. Sigh.

We passed a number of villages that were totally dedicated to the fabric trade that makes Rajasthan so famous. Check out the sizes of the drying swathes of cloth outside the factory!

Letting ourselves be entertained by all the people looking to make a rupee on the train, we saw legless beggars scoot down the aisles, itinerant musicians strike up tunes using just their voices and a drum (and they were actually quite good), and various food sellers ply their wares

It was a sleeping coach, and though we didn't sleep, the kids pulled the beds down, asked the kids next door to join them, spread out their toys and got down to some serious playing. 

We made it back safe and sound to Mumbai after an uneventful flight. Our first thought upon gazing around Mumbai was ‘my – it's clean!' So maybe we DID get rejuvenated on our forays out more than we thought!

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