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Lonavala Waterfalls


Going for another hike after checking out the Karla caves, we headed through the countryside in search of a waterfall that appeared on our maps. There is a dam outside of Lonavala that provides a bit of entertainment for watersports-inclined Indians, but we had no interest. Instead, we had our driver go up a muddy rock road until the 4 wheel drive couldn't go any further, and then we hiked through a verdant green countryside. We came across a series of waterfalls that were gorgeous, if a bit on the low side. 
The really interesting part was that there was a woman washing french-cut potatoes at the base of the waterfall. As she walked through the green grass, I imagined a perfect "National Geographic" type photo with her red sari contrasting with the flora around her. 


In any case, we had a blast climbing the waterfalls and following the red mud trail - at least until the rains started! Then we had to hightail it to a local restaurant where, because it was a 'dry day,' we had to forgo a beer and be happy with sweetened tea until the weather broke.

The next time we come here, we'll have to figure out how to get to these (sighted from the highway).

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