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Women washing with a waterfall

September 2007

On our hike up to the Bhaja caves, we passed a sight that was both fantastic and ordinary. There, at the base of a waterfall, were the women from the local village washing laundry, doing dishes, and gathering water, all at the same place.
There was a constant flow of women bringing clothes and empty jugs to the spring, and they seemed, if not happy about having us take pictures of them, at least tolerant of us.

The women's skills with balancing things was amazing. We noticed that they did wear a wrap on top of their head to both cushion the metal jugs and help keep things in place, but it was something else to see a woman grunt and groan to lift up a full water jug and then walk up the dirt path with that perched on her skull!!
As we continued up to the caves, we saw women from all over the valley heading to the waterfalls, while above them a man tended to his flocks

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