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Life at the Kiara Apartment (November 2007)

Our apartment is where we eat, sleep, work, and play: not alway in that order!

The kids noticed that we had ardly any pictures of their most loyal companions - Adelaided and Cuddly Tiger - their cuddle buddies!

Alea and Breck are still each other's best friend, and are usually pretty cooperative when it comes to playing together. Breck's bed (with the "Pokemon" cover that was in the apartment when we moved in) is a favorite place to make a Lego and Star Wars set up. Of course, they move pretty quickly when they see dad coming with the camera!!

The roof is also a fun place to hang out and play with the beads or shoot at the crows. Dad got Breck and Alea slingshots when he was in Matheran, and so they use them to discourage the big ugly birds from hanging around.

But there are certainly some birds that we don't mind at all. We have green parrots that live in the trees surrounding the apartment. They seem to really like Alea's room (maybe they are singing to Be-Be?) and will often fly onto her window sills and squawk, but it is hard to take a decent picture of them up there because the outside is always so bright. I think these are the same kind of birds that we had as pets in Pakistan way back when...

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