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Ganesh Fest '09 - Our local Ganesh

Ganesh all dressed up and ready to go**

Right around the corner from our house was our neighborhood Ganesh setup, and we visited it several times during the holiday season. We stopped off to get the top picture at the left taken as an 'official' portrait, not really thinking that we'd do it again. But we did!

On the day that this Ganesh was to be immersed, this fancy 'foot painting' appeared in chalk in front of the idol, and we all got daubed with puja paint. If you notice that Breck is wearing a bit more than the rest of us, these other pictures will help tell that story!!

It was a very discreet line on the forehead, and we blended in well with all the other worshippers.**

We (including some neighbors) had started off very respectfully paying homage to Ganesh and getting a mark of his blessing.

But then, Breck started off playing with the extra chalk that was around, and one of the local Ganesh helpers said he could all get as painted with the stuff as he wanted.

And, as boys will do, these guys (and others) started having some real fun with each other and Breck.

And by the time the evening was well under way, Breck looked like he was a deity to be revered: he ended up as colorful as an Indian elephant headed god!!**
We do want to keep in mind, however, that to most Hindus this is not just a plaster of paris statue - it is an actual incarnation of their god, so we made sure that we were always acting respectful (while having fun). The entire time we were down there, a steady flow of people came through, paying respects and covering the smaller idols with painted dust.**

But then, the big moment arrived. A group of men - some of them wearing "Team Ganesh" ballcaps - started to move him off the pedestal.

Grunting and groaning, they carried him to the back of a small truck that had been decorated with marigold and all set up to carry the god to his immersion.

Firecrackers announced the impending departure, and families bid their farewells to the god.

All loaded up under the Bandra evening lights.**
One lucky lad got to ride in the truck with the smaller idols, and the procession started down the street, with kids and adults chanting and throwing colored paint dust at the vehicle.
As they faded off into the evening, we marveled again at how lucky we are to be able to see and experience some of the richness India has to offer.
Next - see what a "Fancy" Ganesh parade looks like!

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