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Ganesh Fest '09 - On the Beach

This is where it all ends.
Here's a scene on the beach from above. This is a small crowd - no real action yet!

The beach is the ultimate destination for the god, as he is to be immersed and set free in the water.**
Different strokes for different folks: a family brings Ganesh on to the beach,** and a cart with sparklers in the evening.**

There are many different ways of paying homage to Ganesh. Solemn prayer works for some families while riotous drumming (and colorful paints) work better for others.
The faithful gather around the idol.** As evening falls, the lights come up.**
(I call these two shots "Praying with fire.")
Braving the waves, risking life and limb to set the idols into the crashing surf.
Funkiness with low light and lens flare.

All around is a hubbub of activity, with lots of flower garlands. Even the street children get into things, splashing in the water and immersing their own idols.**

Hope you enjoyed this look at the Ganesh festival in Mumbai - a small piece of the color and pagentry that goes on here in India!!

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