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It is time for the annual Festival of Nations at ASB, and we dressed in our best, just like last year.
Alea and Breck rallied with friends from around the world to take place in all the fun.
The costumes and performances were as spectacular as ever. Our Rajasthani dancers wowed the crowd, and a good old-fashioned American bugler helped lead the band.

But it was the kindergarten's presentation of India's currently-favorite-song Jai Ho that stole the morning show!
We had countries represented such as Israel and Poland, places with large contingents such as India and Korea, places with much less representation such as Albania and the Faroe Islands, and interesting non-countries such as Wales and Hong Kong all marching under their flags.

Each group had the opportunity to parade across the stage and take the audience's applause. The USA group featured Breck and Alea (Alea is the forehead at the far left), and I got a kick out of Breck's concentration on stage!

All in all, Alea and Breck made great ambassadors for our country - and had a great time to boot!

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