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Of all the things to do when traveling, people watching is easily the cheapest and most enjoyable way to get an idea of what life is really like in a place. Turkey is absolutely no exception. Here are a few glimpses of the people we saw on our trips:

On our ferry trip up the Bosphorus, we saw many fairly typical scenes: a fisherman taking a break, a woman resting while doing her laundry, 3 generations of family waiting for the next boat, and a net-repair crew hard at work.

 Getting ready to serve a sizzling doner kebab

 Keeping the coals nice and hot

And a whirling dervish performs for the empty seats

During the evenings of Ramadan, the streets come alive and the shops are busy. Above, a juicer squeezes an orange for a drink while a hookah hawker rustles up business.

 Giving change back on a purchase

 Making homemade wrap bread

 Taking an order for swirled candies

During the day, other sorts of professions make their way into the limelight

A spiced tea seller in front of the Hagia Sopia (left), a roadside weaver sets up her stand (above), and a carpet weaver brings his wares to the shop (below) where a patient salesman waits for the day's first customer (below, left).

In fact, I found the theme of "carpet salesman doing crossword puzzle" to be repeated quite often across the city

I wonder if those three all went shawl-shopping at the same stand

Of course, the dervishes aren't the only dancers in town. One night at dinner, as strolling minstrels played from table to table, a couple of girls decided they wanted to join in.

Appropriating decorations from a basket that the restaurant just happened to have lying around, they started shimmying and shaking to the roaring approval of the patrons.

Talk about dinner and a show!!


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