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New Mosque

The New Mosque (Yeni Camii) stands beside the Galata bridge, towering over the harbor at Eminonou.


The full name of the mosque is The New Queen Mother's Mosque (Yeni Valide Camii), but unsurprisingly that has been shortened a bit. What is surprising is that, despite its name, it is not so new - almost 400 years old!

 Outside the ornately tiled interior, the ablutions fountain (right) stands in the large courtyard at the front of the mosque.

Rustem Pasa Mosque

The Rustem Pasa mosque is located in the heart of the Grand Bazaar and is surrounded by the hustle and bustle of commercial enterprises.  Built in 1561 for the Grand Vizier Riistem Pasa, it is famous for its exquisite tilework on the walls. The red color in the flowers was only used for a short period in the 1500s, setting the decor apart from other mosques in Istanbul.

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