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Bosphorus Ferry

As a great port link between Europe and Asia, much of Istanbul's importance rests with its sea lanes. There are lots of tour operators offering rides up and down the Bosphorus, but we decided to go with the regular passenger ferry as a more serene (and cost-effective!) way of seeing the sights. We ended up spending an entire day cruising on the Bosphorus up to the Black Sea and back.
We got on a ferry at 10:30, cruised up to a huge Genoese fortress at Anadolu Kavagi (on the mouth of the Black Sea), and then came back in time to watch the Blue Mosque get lit up by night lights.
The kids enjoyed spotting jellyfish in the water, Dave enjoyed taking pictures, and Susan enjoyed the lovely architecture in the villages lining the straits as the ferry made ports of call on both the Asian and European sides of the straits.
Leaving Istanbul, we saw the Galata Tower and Attaturk's palace.
The backlit boats and bridges made for wonderful views as we appreciated the chance to see this area where two cultures meet.
Fortresses on both sides of the strait marked previous limits of Imperial expansion, and stand as reminders to the importance this strategic waterway has long held.
The fishing trawlers that plied the waters reminded us just how important the sea is to many people's livelihood.

Anadolu Kavagi

The northernmost stop is at the village of Anadolu Kavagi, a town at the mouth of the Black Sea. We had several hours to enjoy the sights and climb to the ruined fortress that sits above the waters.


The hike up was a bit exhausting, so Breck made sure to relax whenever he could!!

As the site holds (obvious) strategic importance - guarding the mouth of Turkey's connections with central Asia - much of the area is a military zone. From the remains of the fort, this has been the case for quite some time.

Gazing out at the ships steaming into and out of the sea, one could only wonder about the cargo they held, the destinations they were visiting, and the stories they had seen in their travels.


We had a lovely picnic and enjoyed being out in the great outdoors (with room to run!)

and then packed up and returned to Istanbul in the glow of the setting sun.

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