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 Delphi is on beautiful Mount Parnassos in southern Greece.  It is the home of The Oracle, which originated during Mycenaenean times ( 7-8th centuries BCE).  We spent a misty two days here, enjoying modern Delphi as much as the historic sites of the Temple of Apollo, Gymnasium and Sanctuary of Athena.  It was our first exposure to 'really old' Greek ruins and we were thrilled to explore them all.

The Temple of Apollo

Olive tree by the Gymnasium baths

Pictures on pedestals became a 'must-do' at every site.

Alea and Breck loved exploring all the nooks and cranies around the ruins.  'Open air' museums are so much more fun for young kids (and relaxing for the parents!)  than ones inside buildings. We were glad to have so many things to do outside. 
Each archeological site had a brochure to explain its history.  Many also had miniature dioramas so visitors could visualize how a reconstructed site would have appeared during its heyday thousands of years ago.  Every site had several full or partial 'reconstructions' of key buildings (like the Tholos shown).   Most sites were a tumble of marble and other building material; a challenge for the imagination!.  The entire Acropolis in Athens is currently under scaffolding as the country prepares for the Olympics.  For this reason, we chose to postpone a visit to Athens for a few years. 

The Sacred Way leading to the Temple of Apollo.  According to legend, it was here that The Oracle sat. She was always a woman over 50. "Wars were fought, voyages embarked upon and business transactions undertaken on the strength of her prophesies".LP 1997

The Tholos at the Sanctuary of Athena.  The round construction was a theme we saw repeated at many ancient Greek sites - always dedicated to a female deity. 
Views of the Sanctuary from the top and bottom.

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