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Plovdidv is the second largest city in Bulgaria. It has a long history and its most impressive site is a Roman amphitheater which was built in the 2nd century AD and was discovered by a freak landslide in the early 1970's.  It has been faithfully restored and now hosts all manner of summer concerts and events.  We saw it under 6 inches of new snow - something we are sure doesn't happen very often in this part of Bulgaria.

The main square was the site of the old Roman-era forum. Several rows of seating still can be seen alongside steps leading to a bar, but they are blocked off and can't be used. The main square is today the businessplace of many sellers of art, jewelry, and other such varied goods.

There are several churches in Plovdiv that have magnificent medieval and Baroque frescoes.  St. George and the Dragon is the ever favorite - and ever noticed - by Alea and Breck.

Plovdiv was home to many 18th and 19th century artists and their homes are now living museums.  There is a distinct style to the homes (ornate woodwork in and outside and bright exterior painting), but now many support tourist ceramics shops.

there was also one of the most interesting wall paintings we've ever seen sprayed on a wall in Plovdiv

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