Paper Writing Guideline

Part 2


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General Style Info Part 2 Bibliography Part 3
Title Page Part 2 Common Problems
Page #s/Headers Part 2 Grading Scale
Thesis Sentence Part 2 APA Style (offsite link)

General Info:


    • White
    • 8.5" x 11"
    • Type only on one side!!

    Margins and Spacing:

    • 1 inch margins
    • Double Spaced
    • 5 space indent (10 for long quotations)

    Font size: 

    • 12 

    Font type: 

    • Courier New, Times New Roman, or Arial (Courier, Times, or Helvetica on a Macintosh)

    Other Info:

    • Do NOT put a title, your name, the date or any other information at the top of the page. Simply begin writing your paper
    • Do NOT skip lines between paragraphs
    • Always, always, always end with a spell check

Page Numbers and Headers:

    Page Numbers:

    • In upper right hand corner
    • Title page is #1


    • A short title should appear on every page (including the title page)
    • e.g. If the name of the paper is "Native American Logos - the Debate Continues," the short title could be "The Debate Continues"

Title Page

  • Use an entire page of paper
  • Include title, author, class and period, date, and school
  • Skip 2 lines between the title and the other information
  • Make the title 2 font sizes larger than the other information
  • Example:

How to Write a Really Basic Paper

David Stutz
Social Studies
November 30, 2001
John Marshall High School


Thesis Sentence

  • The "main point" of the paper or paragraph
  • Your first paragraph should end with the thesis of your paper (what you are going to cover)
  • A good all-purpose thesis sentence:

    • Three of the most important aspects of (your topic) are the (main point #1), (main point #2), and (main point #3).
    • Example: Three of the most important aspects of animal testing regulations are the history of the laws, the current US regulations, and specific penalties for violations of the laws.
  • Then talk about those main points IN THE ORDER YOU MENTION THEM in your paper.
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