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Part 3


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Bibliography format

General Format
Example of a book example
Example of an Encarta example
Example of a Webpage example

    Author. (Date). Article Name. Publication Name. Place of publication: Publishing company. Page.

    • Write a summary of your source material.  It should be two to three sentences
    • If you are writing an annotated bibliography, then also do the following:
      • Include everything you will use in your paper in bulleted form: direct quotes, paraphrases, statistics, pertinent information, etc. 
      • This bibliography will often end up being longer than your paper!! 
      • That is OK. 
      • It should be specific enough that you can write your paper directly from it (without even consulting the original source).

What follows are examples of bibliography entries:

    Stutz, D. (24 August 1998). How to Write a Short Paper. Stutz's Stylebook. Chicago, IL: Sanford and Son, Ltd. 215-217.

    It is a good idea when you're writing to just write down your thoughts as they pop into your head.  Don't worry about editing or correcting mistakes, just get the ideas down on paper. Worry about organizing your ideas later.
    • "Almost everybody thinks that what they are writing is bad at the time they write it: your aim is to find a way around this mental block." 

    Encarta Electronic Encyclopedia. (1998). Libraries and Technology. Encarta Electronic Encyclopedia. Microsoft Corporation.

    Reference librarianship has developed rapidly. Computer databases now cover a lot of different topics.
    • "Reference librarians help patrons by searching the commercially and publicly developed databases of bibliographic information about materials in a great variety of fields." 
    • Librarians' salaries now account for some 42% of all education-related salaries.

    Mr. Stutz's School Site                           

    Mr. Stutz teaches Social Science classes
    • He teaches at John Marshall
    • He has mostly juniors and seniors
    • He's the best.

In-text Citations

  • Must include the last name of the author and the year of publication
  • Example: 
The vast majority of Africa's population lives along the seacoast. (Stutz, 1998).
Stutz (1998) states that the vast majority of Africa's population lives along the seacoast.
  • On an internet citation, just include the info up through the ".com" part of the address
  • Example:
  • Most students at John Marshall agree that social studies is their favorite class. (, 1999).
  • Use a page number when quoting the exact words of a source
  • Example:
Stutz (1998, p. 215) explained that "relative to the continental density distribution, the coastal areas are home to an overwhelming majority of Africans."
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